Shopping bag from old jeans

I played a bit with bleach. And with old jeans of course. The results are here – shopping bags!

Click to see larger image! 😉

Shopping bag from old jeans  shoppingbagfromoldjeans5 shopping bag from old jeans shopping bag from old jeans shopping bag from old jeans shopping bag from old jeansshopping bag from old jeans

I need a name tag for my things. Maybe wooden tags?

Best wishes,



Kaks teksastest ostukotti, mis on hoopis spordiriiete jaoks kooli garderoobi. :D / Two shopping bag from jeans, which are instead to the sports clothes to school. : D

Teate, kool hakkab! Aeg suvelummusest vĂ€lja rabeleda (Ă”igemini ma siiamaani puhkan palavusevĂ€simust vĂ€lja, juurdus ĂŒsna sĂŒgavale kontidesse koos kolimisvĂ€simusega) ning asuda tegudele!

You know, school starts! Time to pull out the fascination of the summer (actually, I’m still resting out high heat and moving tiredness, these rooted pretty deep into the bones), and take action!

old jeans

Eilsest saati on mu töötoas ĂŒles seatud laud ning sain hakata Ă”mblema. Pojal oli siiamaani suvaline riidest kott spordiriiete tassimiseks, otsustasin, et see jama peab lĂ”ppema. 😀

Since yesterday was set up a desk in my workshop, and I started to sew. Son had still a random fabric bag for carrying sportswear, I decided that this crap has to stop. 😀

bag from old jeans

bag from old jeans

See sĂŒgis lĂ€hevad mĂ”lemad mu lapsed kooli ning kĂ”ike tuleb teha (vĂ”i osta) topelt. 😀 Seega sai tehtud kaks kotti.

This fall, both my children go to school, and everything should be done (or buy) a double. 😀 So I made two bags.


Kottide teine pool on veidi lihtsam, mulle meeldib selline tumedamast heledamaks vĂ€rvide ĂŒleminek.

The second half of the bags are a little easier, I like a darker to lighten color transition.

bad from old jeans

bag from old jeans

Ma mÔtlesin, et Àkki peaks nime ka peale vÀrvima, kuid ootan lapsed koju, et nad saaksid valida omale meeldiva ning siis arvamust avaldada, kas nime oleks vaja vÔi mitte.

I was thinking that maybe i should paint kid name to the bag, but I expect the kids at home, so they can choose their pleasant bag, and then comment on whether the name would be needed or not.


Loodan, et kotid lastele meeldivad.

I hope the kids like bags.

bag from old jeans

bag from old jeans

NĂŒĂŒd aga hakkan vĂ€lja mĂ”tlema, millist kaisukat teha. EstGild-s lĂ€ks mĂ”nda aega tagasi jĂ€lle lahing kĂ€ima! 🙂

Now, however, I begin to figure out what kind of softy i should to do. EstGild launched again a craft battle! 🙂

With Love