Teksapadjad lähemalt / More About Denim Pillows

Tegin nendest patjadest, mida eelmises postituses näitasin, ka lähipildid.

I made close pictures from these pillows, what I showed in a previous post.

quilted denim pillow quilted denim pillow 2 quilted denim pillow 3 quilted denim pillow 4 quilted denim pillow 5 quilted denim pillow 6 quilted denim pillow 7 quilted denim pillow 8 Ma täiega fännan neid patju. Need on 40*40cm, kate on äravõetav, et saaks pesta. Mõnusas suuruses, et panna selja taha torgata või pea alla pista.

I totally love these pillows. They are 40*40cm, the cover are removable to be washed. Cozy size to put behind you, or to shove under the head.

Järgmise korrani!
To the next time!

With Love


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